Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Residents Parking in Stranmillis

In Stranmillis village, many residents have significant problems with parking. Parking is at breaking point with commuter parking during the day to avoid paying city centre parking fees and students parking during the week. Since the Ulster museum has opened again, there is now also a lack of parking at the weekend, a time when residents would have went shopping and hoped for a space close to their house when they returned.

Also, when a resident requires a builder or tradesman round to do work, some times the builder will refuse if they cant get a parking space on the street. In other streets where people have driveways, such as Sandhurst Drive and Colenso Parade, it is not uncommon for people to park over people's driveways! This however can be reported to the police.

Anna Lo, the Alliance MLA for South Belfast asked Conor Murphy about residents parking in Stranmillis on the 11th of January. The following was what was discussed at that meeting:-


In citys like Edinburgh, residents parking has been very successful and there seems no reason why it shouldn't be implemented in Stranmillis village.

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  1. When having parking, try to give way for a big space on the polished concrete